Conference Services


Event Management                                               Food & Beverage Planning
Professional Conference Organisers                   Team Building Activities
Event Coordinators                                               Venue Research & Placement
Conference Facilitators                                         Logistics
Registration Management                                     Gala Dinners
Lighting & Sound                                                   Client Entertaining
Audio Visual                                                           Transport / Transfers
Technical Support


Lighting and Audio


Atmosphere, mood and emotion will be the main ingredients for the perfect on stage and room recipe. Speakers will feel assured that both their stationary or moving delivery will be captured by a carefully integrated lighting design. Our roaming Company Logos will come to rest centred on our outer golden drapes. A high fidelity distributed sound system will ensure even audio coverage to all participating delegates.


Conference Facilitators


Our experienced team of Conference Facilitators sole purpose is to cater for our Speakers and audience every need. From ongoing rehearsals, last minute changes, additional requirements to all the smallest of issues that make the difference to a successful Conference.





All Speakers, Dignitaries and Presenters will experience first class on stage Presentations facilities.


Ie. Our Lecterns can accommodate a lap-top shelf allowing ample room for all your necessary documentations. Application driven microphones will be the Speakers aid in voicing his or her important message. Side of stage Production crew will ensure maximum quality is achieved through advanced preparation of upcoming speakers with their personalised requirements ie. : Laser pointers, wireless remote slide advance, (allowing them the freedom to advance their power-point presentation from anywhere on the stage) miniature headset mic’s, lapels and / or hand held radio mic’s (tailored to the Presenters preference). The Stage Manager and his team through this practice will ultimately ensure a smooth running agenda for the entire Conference. 


High resolutions screens will display accurate detail of your presentation while also through the use of our switching hardware allow for careful integration of live feed of the on-stage Presenter. Each Presenter can be introduced to stage visually and audibly with roaming Company Logos and top and tail musical chasers.


Audience interactive question and answer can be catered for through the use of two handheld microphones and personalised Conference facilitators.


Your unique Conference Drape-line can consist of a royal gold drape kit with black header border as the backdrop to the stage, our large screens complete with black velvet drape kit (1 either side of gold drape), with two further royal gold drapes either side of our screens. This moves away from the clinical Conference approach of a black drape line.  


The above ensures your Speakers audience experience the ultimate level of learning entertainment due to the dynamic collaboration of both concept, technology and Speakers comfortability.





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